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TeachTastic Teacher Dispositions

Teach Tastic professional contributing teachers are held to the highest standards of behavior and disposition.  Each teacher demonstrates the following thoughts, behaviors, and dispositions consistently in relation to their teaching practices and website contributions.

  •  Teach Tastic teachers are caring and considerate

  •  Teach Tastic teachers are reflective practitioners

  •  Teach Tastic teachers are equitable and fair

  •  Teach Tastic teachers are collaborative professionals

  •  Teach Tastic teachers are professional leaders

  •  Teach Tastic teachers are committed to the belief that all students can learn

  •  Teach Tastic teachers are affirming of diversity and cross-culturally competent


Mission statement

Teach Tastic IEP is a community of special education teachers who believe that standard and technical education is a vital link in preparing students for life in the remainder of the 21st century. We commit to working with teachers and education leaders to support the personal, academic, and career growth of every special education student. We believe that students must have a common base of knowledge, a set of skills to effectively utilize that knowledge, and an understanding of our responsibilities to themselves and others to participate effectively in a global society.

Core Values

  • Honesty

  • Collaboration

  • Grit

  • Perseverance

  • Personal integrity

Male Teacher with Students

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