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Fifth Grade ELA IEP Goals by Skill

IEP goals and objectives for fifth grade language arts. This bank of IEP goals is on ELA sixth grade prerequisite skills, including progress monitoring, data collection tools, worksheets, and lesson packs for all the top nationally used IEP goals.

Fifth Grade IEP Goals for ELA By Category

Reading strategies

Writing strategies


  • Prefixes and suffixes
    • Greek and Latin roots
      • Categories
        • Synonyms and antonyms
          • Analogies
            • Homophones
              • Multiple-meaning words
                • Idioms and adages
                  • Shades of meaning
                    • Context clues
                      • Reference skills

                        Grammar and mechanics

                        • Sentences, fragments, and run-ons
                          • Nouns
                            • Pronouns
                              • Verb types
                                • Subject-verb agreement
                                  • Verb tense
                                    • Adjectives and adverbs
                                      • Prepositions
                                        • Conjunctions
                                          • Contractions
                                            • Commas
                                              • Capitalization
                                                • Formatting
                                                  • Abbreviations
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