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Kindergarten Math IEP Goals Standards-Aligned

This IEP goal bank is on first-grade math prerequisite skills, including progress monitoring, data collection tools, worksheets, and lesson packs for all top nationally used IEP goals.

Best Kindergarten IEP Goals

Our free resources for IEP goals and objectives for kindergarten math are focused on a learning progression for most Common Core clusters to build strong math foundational skills for future grades. Many math skills included are addition to 10, subtraction within 10, counting, and reading and writing numbers.


​​You're a kindergarten special education teacher, and you have to write IEP goals for math. It's hard enough to come up with good IEP goals, but it's even harder when they have to be aligned with Common Core Standards.


 We've got you covered. Our kindergarten math smart IEP goal bank is filled with state standards-aligned goals that will help your students make progress from their present levels and beyond. Plus, we offer data collection tools, worksheets, and lesson packs to help you track student progress and meet IEP requirements.

The iep goal bank below will help educators with scaffolding, math interventions, and resources for children who struggle in the classroom.

Kindergarten Math IEP Goals

K.CC: Counting & Cardinality

K.OA: Operations & Algebraic Thinking

K.NBT: Number & Operations in Base Ten

K.MD: Measurement & Data

K.G: Geometry

K.SUP: Supporting Skills

  • K.SUP.MATH: Supporting Skills for Math
    • K.SUP.MATH.1: Although this skill cluster is not associated with a state standard it is still given emphasis at the cluster level. Supporting work at grade level and, where appropriate would be acceptable for many students' grade-level iep goals.

Special education teachers determine what children need for smart iep goals and how best to align common core state standards.  Thank you for letting us be part of your special education classsroom.

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