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Independence in Learning

Math and Literacy Centers

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Math and Literacy centers should:

• Allow for differentiated instruction

• Promote a cooperative learning environment

• Centers can help students retain information

• Offer a variety of activities to keep students engaged

• Serve as a review for tests and quizzes

• Offer students the opportunity to apply skills and strategies they have learned

Struggling with finding quality math and literacy centers that cover all major grade level standards?


Teach Tastic has you covered! Our perfectly scaffolded math and literacy centers are designed to help students of all ability levels. They can be a great way for struggling students to get extra practice, while also providing differentiation for students who are excelling in the subject. Centers can also be used to meet the needs of all learners, including students with special needs.


You'll love how easy it is to use our centers! They come ready-to-print and laminate, so you can start using them in your classroom immediately. Plus, they're aligned with all major grade level standards so you know they're covering everything your students need.

Purchase our math and literacy center materials today!


Standards Based Centers for Everyday Teaching

A math center is the perfect solution for your teaching needs. Our box set programs offer a powerful scaffolding method that supports student learning progression from start to finish.

Plus, our individualized entry points ensure that each student starts at the level they are most ready for.


Best of all, our math centers save you time by providing all the materials you need in one place.

Classroom Math Centers

Math and Literacy Centers

Introducing centers for all learners that can be as simple as a box of manipulatives with a related worksheet or an interactive game that reviews a math concept. But with a little more strategy and planning they can be a perfect scaffolding tool to support all levels of learners through difficult interventions, independent practice, or a learning extension for complete standards mastery.

Literacy centers can be a helpful addition to any daily teaching routine. Literacy centers provide opportunities for students to practice literacy skills in a hands-on, engaging way. Writing centers can also help teachers to differentiate instruction, providing targeted support for students who may need additional help with literacy skills. Reading centers can be used to reinforce phonics skills, sight words, and other literacy concepts. In addition, Literacy centers can help to build student independence and confidence in their literacy skills. When used effectively, centers can be a valuable tool for any teacher.


Do You Need Math Centers for Preschool through 8th Grade Math Skills?

According to the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), most students need additional practice in order to master basic skills. In fact, student learning gaps tend to expand over time without teachers who take the time to acknowledge and address this issue.

This is where centers come in!



Need fast no prep center solutions?


It's no secret that good grades in school start with a strong foundation in math and literacy skills.


Even if students receive excellent instruction and practice at home, they still need opportunities to apply those skills in the classroom.


Math and literacy centers are the perfect solution! Classroom centers provide students with engaging and developmentally appropriate activities to practice and master previously taught skills.

What to Get The Most Out of Your Literacy Class Time?

Many teachers find that using literacy centers in their classrooms can be an effective way to improve student literacy skills through independent learning experiences. literacy centers usually involve a variety of small-group or individual activities that are designed to reinforce specific literacy skills.


For example, a teacher might set up a literacy center with activities focused on vocabulary development, phonemic awareness, or sight word recognition.


By giving students the opportunity to work on these activities in a supportive and engaging environment, teachers can help them make significant progress in their literacy skills.


In addition, literacy centers can also provide an opportunity for differentiated instruction, allowing each student to work at his or her own level and pace.


As a result, using literacy centers can be an excellent way to support all students in their journey to become strong readers and writers.



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Build a Literacy Center as a Corner Stone in Your Classroom

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Literacy Centers are a great way to improve literacy in the classroom. They can be used with any curriculum and help students master all major reading & writing standards, as well as sight word recognition!


One benefit of using these centers? It's fun!.

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