Math Fluency 

Specific learning disabilities can present with deficits in working memory, making it hard for students to hold information in their minds while performing math computation. Smaller, repeated, and specific problem sets aid students in retaining knowledge in long term memory for fast, fluent recall.

Math Fluency IEP Goal Program

For Special Education


Differentiated math fluency for struggling learners.


  • Adjusts to student ability

  • Daily recalibration

  • Progress monitoring

  • Goal setting


  • Classroom data charting

  • Individual student charting

  • Logical student grouping

  • Goal completion targets


  • Smaller problem sets

  • Larger working spaces

  • Multiple variety of worksheet

  • Focused on students needs 


  • Individualized bar codes 

  • Web app scoring

  • Live data reporting

  • Parent printable reporting

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