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  • Bran Hicks M.Ed.

10 Questions to Ask Your Child's IEP Case Manager on a Regular Basis

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

How can you know if your child's IEP is being followed?

The best way to make sure your child's IEP is followed is to develop a communication plan with the case manager and have it written into the IEP.

Parent Teacher Communication Plans

Once written in the IEP it is law and provides you with a clear understanding of who is expected to do what and how often.

The communication plan should include how often you will communicate (e.g., weekly, monthly), what type of information you would like to receive (e.g., updates on services, evaluation results), and how you will communicate (e.g., email, telephone). You should also designate a specific person at the school district who will be your main point of contact.

Ten questions to ask your child's case manager on a regular basis:

  1. What specific goals has my child been working on in school?

  2. How is my child doing in relation to these goals?

  3. What interventions or modifications has the school put in place to help my child achieve these goals?

  4. Are there any upcoming assessments that will give us more information about my child's progress?

  5. What are the specific challenges my child is still facing in school?

  6. How does the school plan to address these challenges?

  7. What is the IEP team currently discussing as it relates to my child's education?

  8. What are the next steps for my child's IEP?

  9. Who can I contact if I have questions or concerns about my child's education?

  10. How often should I expect to hear from the case manager about my child's progress?


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