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11 Executive Functioning IEP Goals for Middle School

Updated: May 5

Middle school is a jungle. It's where kids learn more than just math or science; they start to manage their own lives. But here's the kicker: not all kids find this easy because of something called executive functioning. It's like the command center in their brains, telling them when to start their homework, how to plan for that big project, or even just remembering to bring their gym shoes. Some kids struggle with this. They're not lazy or uninterested; their command center just needs a bit more fine-tuning. So, when we talk about executive functioning in middle schoolers, we're shining a light on skills that help them manage time, tasks, and emotions effectively. Helping them sharpen these skills can turn their middle school jungle into a more navigable path.

Key Takeaways

  • Essential Skills for Independence: Focus on improving executive functions critical for students' independence and daily management of tasks, emotions, and activities.

  • Comprehensive Goals: Outlines 11 specific IEP goals tailored to bolster various aspects of executive functioning, including organization, time management, and emotional regulation.