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How To Effectively Teach Adding Integers for Seventh Grade Math

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Do you have students that are struggling to add integers?

Today's article will show you a math intervention lesson on adding integers using integer chips that will take your students from beginning to mastery in no time flat.

This article is part one in a four-part series of helping struggling students through the addition of integers and the full scaffolded learning progression.

7.NS.A.1b Understand p + q as the number located a distance |q| from p, in the positive or negative direction depending on whether q is positive or negative. Show that a number and its opposite have a sum of 0 (are additive inverses). Interpret sums of rational numbers by describing real-world contexts.

  • Add integers using counters

  • Add integers using number lines

  • Integer addition rules

  • Add integers

In this first step, you will be learning how to teach your students how to add using integer chips.

This lesson contains six sections. We'll be walking through each one

  1. Introduction

  2. Guiding Question

  3. Teacher Modeling

  4. Independent Practice

  5. Assessment

  6. Teacher Tip


Review academic vocabulary

As the teacher, you can begin this lesson with a review of the academic vocabulary:

  • integer

  • positive

  • negative

  • <