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How To Teach Addition to 5 With Addition Sentences and Model Matching

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

In this article, I will be showing you how to teach concrete model matching to addition sentences.

The lesson is segmented into the following five categories

  1. Introduction

  2. Guiding Question

  3. Teacher Modeling

  4. Independent Practice

  5. Assessment

Hi, my name is Bran Hicks from Teach Tastic publishing, where we write scaffolded and differentiated math intervention lessons for teachers just like you.


Review academic vocabulary: First, start with reviewing academic vocabulary

  • addition sentence

  • addition model

  • concrete

Discuss: Start with three orange cubes and two blue cubes connected and an addition sentence of three and two equals five, three plus two equals.

Display three orange cubes together on the table and two blue cubes linked together next to them shows students clearly they are connecting the two into one that’s the two, and one is concept with the plus and equals now being represented right the corresponding addition sentence three plus two equals five a scrap piece of paper.

Or if you like mine, you can do laminated sticky notes to have a more accessible Templates Available Here

The main point of the introduction is to show the students that a concrete model of four and one and four and one is matching that concrete model to the addition sentences.

The goal is to remove the concrete model eventually, so I displayed different colors for different variations three times on the tabletop.

Guiding Question