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How to Write an IEP Meeting Invitation Letter + 2 free sample letters

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

What is an IEP meeting invitation letter?

An IEP meeting invitation letter is to notify the parents of a renewal date or proposed changes or concerns to their student's IEP.

Do, include parent or guardian's first names in the To line of your meeting invitation. This is someone that is important to your student and needs to be addressed by name.

Do Not address a letter Dear Parent/Guardian. It is impersonal and shows a lack of respect to address them in such a form letter fashion.

When does an IEP invitation letter need to be sent?

A meeting invitation letter is sent with no fewer than two weeks' notice or ten working days from the proposed meeting date.

Do mail up to 3 to-4 days prior to the start of the 10 day mandatory window. If there is a delay in mail delivery time of up to 2 to 3 days, plan ahead to ensure that your letter reaches the parent on or before the ten day required notice window. It must be received by not postmarked by ten day window. Follow up to ensure the letter was received.

Do Not, assume that the letter was received and your meeting is confirmed just because you sent a letter. Follow up and even remind one week prior to the meeting date. An email or text message is just fine and requires very little time to do.

Caution - a meeting invitation is sent after a date has already been agreed upon via email or phone conversation. Scheduling an IEP meeting with multiple attendees from multiple locations will require advance planning. Start looking at date availability as soon a 45-30 days prior to the meeting. Offering multiple time options such as before and after school is optimum.

Tip - Doodle is a commonly used software to help poll IEP meeting participants as to availability and possible meeting times prior to setting the final meeting date in the official meeting request letter.

Who gets invited to an IEP meeting?

Mandatory attendance for a new IEP meeting includes a parent or guardian, case manager, general education teachers in service areas, related services providers, school psychologist, and a district representative.

Mandatory attendance for an IEP renewal meeting includes a case manager, one general education teacher, representatives of related services, and a district representative.

All others are on an as-needed basis based on the context of the meeting and parental request.