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First-Year Teachers: Oh My Gosh, What Have I Gotten Myself Into!

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Have you ever seen a new special education teacher on their first-day of work? If so, you'll know that it's slightly comical to watch. Take one look, and you can see that "oh my gosh, what have I gotten myself into" deer in the headlights look. At this moment, think kindness over hilarity. Take the time to be a comforting teammate, and offer a few kind words and an introduction.

If you are going to take offense that your name will not be remembered past the handshake, stop reading!

New teachers will only remember one thing from the first day. "The public embarrassment over whatever team building activity they were socially obligated to participate in."

So long as you are will to accept this fact, keep reading for some helpful tips to try out this August.

This post will break it down into the top 3 things and 3 bonus items you can share with the new staff member on their first day. Guaranteed to be remembered and appreciated.

The best way to start is with their personal comfort needs.

Start with information like:

  1. Where they can store their lunch and not have it stolen.

  2. Where they can fill up their water bottle that has not been defiled by students.

  3. Where is the nearest staff bathroom in relation to their classroom?

Ensure that your directions are articulated well so that a person who has never set foot in the building can find them easily. Any good direction can be followed by only three bits of information.

For example, the staff restroom is three doors down and on the right. It is an excellent example of clear and concise instructions. On the other hand, one door past Ms. Pringle's room and around the corner would not necessarily land someone in a hurry in a good place.

Be kind and thoughtful in your words, and remember we all had our first day or even the first day at a new school.

If you've begun to get friendly with this person. You think they're ready to move on to the next three items here are a few you can include.

Bonus information:

  1. Where is the nearest copy machine?

  2. What is the phone extension of the office secretary?

  3. Here are my phone extension and room number in case you need anything.

Now that you've welcomed a new teammate to the fold, you are ready to begin the new school year without worry knowing that you've done a good deed. Earned a few good karma points and started off the school year by making someone feel welcome.