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Tick Tock! Learning to Match Digital Clock Images to Written Times

Hello dear readers! Are you ready to help your students tell time like pros? In this lesson short, we'll be teaching students how to match digital clock images to written times within whole and half hours. So grab your favorite clock and let's get started!

Teaching Tips

To start the lesson, introduce digital clocks to your students by showing them different examples of clock faces. Encourage them to identify the numbers on the clock face and explain how they represent hours and minutes.

Next, show your students written times within whole and half hours. Have them work in pairs or small groups to match each written time with the corresponding digital clock image. You can also use manipulatives such as toy clocks or paper clocks for a more interactive experience.

Student Misconceptions

Some students may struggle with understanding AM and PM times, so make sure to explain this concept clearly with plenty of examples. Other students may find it difficult to read analog clocks, but don't worry - this lesson focuses on digital clocks only.

Differentiation for Special Education

For students with special needs, provide visual aids such as large print or high-contrast materials. One-on-one support or peer mentoring can also be helpful.

Crafts Ideas

After completing the lesson, have your students create their own digital clock images using construction paper or other materials. This is a great way for them to practice matching these images with written times as a fun review activity.

Homework/Parent Engagement

Encourage parents to practice telling time with their children at home using both analog and digital clocks. Provide resources such as worksheets or online games that they can use for extra practice.

Game Ideas

There are many fun online games that can help reinforce the concepts taught in this lesson. Some popular options include "Stop the Clock" on Math Playground and "Telling Time Quiz" on

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