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Math intervention lesson plan for representing addition with objects with sums to five.

This learning progression is broken down into 4 micro skills all individually scaffolding learning through small meaning making lessons.

Progression lesson breakdown


This grab and go "15 Minute or Less Micro Lesson" contains a short, targeted, and highly repeatable math lesson with differentiated worksheets and assessment to scaffold a variety of unique learners.

Perfect for delivery by paraeducators, general education, and special education teachers requiring intensive intervention by targeting an entire learning progression within a grade level skill.


Each "15 Minute or Less Micro Lesson" contains:

  • 1 complete micro lesson plan
  • 4 differentiated practice worksheets
  • 1 differentiated assessment worksheet
  • 5 teacher answer keys

Add to 5 - Words to Addition Sentence

  • IEP accommodations:

    • Use of manipulatives
    • Hands-on activities
    • Concrete examples
    • Support auditory presentations with visuals
    • Personalized examples
    • Frequent checks for understanding
    • FAST feedback

    Differentiation strategies:


    • Review academic vocabulary.


    • Small group instruction.
    • Use of high-interest manipulatives.


    • Highlight keywords.
    • Reduce the number of questions.
    • Proficiency scale
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