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Are your students ready to take on the exciting journey of reading? Kickstart their literacy adventure with our FREE Dolch Primer Sight Word Assessment List! This comprehensive list includes the 40 essential pre-primer sight words necessary for building a solid reading foundation.


Key Features:

  • 40 Pre Primer Sight Words: Covering commonly used words found in beginner books and kindergarten curricula, this assessment list is a powerful tool to gauge your students' sight word recognition.

  • Quick and Easy Evaluation: Assess your students' sight word proficiency effortlessly with this user-friendly list. Save time while obtaining valuable insights into their reading readiness.

  • Printable and Ready to Use: Instantly access and download the assessment list, available in a printer-friendly format. Use it in the classroom or during remote learning sessions.

  • Ideal for Kindergarten: Tailored for young learners aged 4 to 6, this assessment list is perfect for pre-K and kindergarten teachers looking to assess early reading skills.


Why Choose Our Dolch Primer Sight Word Assessment List:

This FREE downloadable assessment list is a must-have for educators and parents alike! Empower your students with a strong start in reading by identifying their sight word strengths and areas for improvement. Take the first step towards nurturing confident and capable young readers.

Ready to assess your students' sight word proficiency for free? Download our Dolch Pre Primer Sight Word Assessment List now and embark on a rewarding reading journey!

Dolch Pre Primer Sight Word List

  • Publisher:  TeachTastic Publishing

    Language: English

    Format: Digital Download

    Reading Age: 4-9

    Grade Level: Pre-K - Kindergarten

    Dimensions: 8.74 x 0.17 x 10.87 inches

    Other Uses:  Special Education IEP Goal

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