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The Literacy Center helps students master noun identification within a sentence by person, animal, place, or thing. This center task card set focuses on short sentence reading leading to noun identification mastery.


For use in general education practice centers, RTI centers, and special education resource room settings.


This Literacy/Writing Center for 1st Grade (nouns) is a great tool for teachers to use when teaching early reading skills as well as person, place, or thing nouns. With many different themed centers to choose from, your students will be engaged and learning noun identification in no time!


This writing center is part of a multi-center set that focuses on different skills leading to writing with noun mastery.


With this literacy center, your students will have a blast learning noun identification through fun, hands-on activities.


⭐ Developmentally and age-appropriate graphics


⏰ Give students time to practice independently or in partner pairs

L.1.1.B - Nouns Identify a noun in a sentence - Set 2

  • Grade Range

    1st Grade


    ELA / Writing



    Student Skill

    L.1.1.B - Nouns: Idendifying a nouns in a sentence

    Worksheet Version


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