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Are you looking for a math center that can help make learning numbers fun and engaging? Look no further than this Counting to 3 Math Center! This special education-approved material is designed with your young learner in mind, making it age-appropriate and tailored to their needs. Clear, brightly colored graphics to aid in memorization of numbers 1 through 3. With the Counting to 3 Math Center, your child can practice counting numbers at home or in the classroom. It's perfect for taking their first steps towards mastering basic numeracy skills! Our goal is to make learning as stress-free and enjoyable as possible - so try out our Counting to 3 Math Center today!


Includes: Printable digital download

  • 12 problem task cards
  • 1 student response worksheet
  • 1 answer key


  • Single-student or great for a thinking pair activity


  • 4x6 design makes for perfect photo box storage

Math Center Set 1 - Count to 3 - K.CC.A.1 Part 1

  • Standard Alignments

    Common Core State Standard - K.CC.A.1 Part 1 - Count to 10 by ones.

    Grade Range

    Kindergarten (K)




    Counting & Cardinality

    Student Skill

    Task Cards - Touch N Count to 3

    Worksheet Version


    Lesson Plan


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