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About This Item 📘 IGNITE EARLY LITERACY: Dive into TeachTastic's Dolch Sight Word Memory Matching Game. With 20 crucial Dolch Third Grade Set 2 Sight Words, this digital download bridges education and fun, nurturing vital literacy skills in an engaging way.

🧠 LEARNING THROUGH PLAY: This isn't just a game – it's a pathway to improved reading, language, spelling, and focus. Education meets entertainment, captivating students in a world of interactive learning.

đŸ« FOR ANY SETTING: From home learning to classrooms, it transforms education. Ideal for special education classrooms, it encourages collaborative learning. Strengthen connections while boosting literacy.

🚀 PERSONALIZED PROGRESS: From beginners to emerging readers, it adapts, promoting growth and conquering challenges. Tailored education for diverse skill levels.

Experience the enchantment of reading with TeachTastic's Dolch Sight Word Memory Matching Game – where learning and play intertwine for an exciting journey toward reading mastery. 📚🎼🌟

Sight Word Memory Matching Game - Dolch Third Grade - Set 2

  • Skill Level: Second and Third Grade

    Number of Players: 1-4

    Format: Digital Download

    Included Components:  20 high frequency words, 40 playing cards, game instructions, learning objectives

    Word List: kind, laugh, light, long, much, myself, never, only, own, pick, seven, shall, show, six, small, start, ten, today, together, try

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