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The telling time IEP Goals and Objective Workbook is a working path for student mastery containing:

  • 40 daily fluency assignments
  • 8 student self-monitoring progress sheets with weekly goal setting
  • 2 baseline assessments
  • 8 formative assessments
  • 1 present level of performance self graphing data tracking sheet (Perfect for progress reporting and IEP meetings)
  • Teacher answer keys
  • 107 Pages

Telling time iep goals

By (date), when given problems with telling and writing time, the student will tell and write time in hours and half-hours using analog and digital clocks, improving measurement and data skills from 0/10 work samples out of ten consecutive trials to 8/10 work samples in ten consecutive trials.





Telling and Writing Time in Hours and Half-Hours Math IEP Goal Objective Workboo

  • Resource Type

    IEP Goal Workbook

    Grade Range

    First (1)





    Measurement & Data

    Student Skill

    Digital Clocks and Times

    Formats Included

    PDF Digital Download


    107 Pages

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