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What is a Good IEP Goal for Writing?

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

A good IEP goal for writing will be based on the student's grade level standards, which will be backward scaffolded through objectives to the student's current performance level. Writing goals should show reliable progress over time to ensure that the student's aim is properly addressing a need. Writing IEP Goal Bank.

Developing IEP Goals and objectives for Writing: Text types and purposes

Writing is a critical skill for success in school and beyond. But what's the best way to teach it in special education? Is there one right answer? In fact, research has shown that different writing approaches work better for different types of learners. It's critical to know the requirements and break them down into smaller pieces.

A writing rubric is essential for grading with specific criteria. When considering your student's writing

I couldn't fathom trying to keep track of what the student could do accurately unless it was broken down into smaller elements on a rubric. Could you imagine keeping track of an IEP objective for a five-paragraph essay when only three of the five skills were obtained? You wouldn't be able to measure the achievement in three abilities since the goal was to develop the whole essay.

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You will need to utilize a writing rubric to help guide your IEP goals for writing and make sure they are accurate, making it easier for you as an educator to figure out what portion of each standard is lacking in order to improve quality. The student will need feedback on their work after you've determined target areas of improvement so they can gauge their own progress. As the student obtains more skills on the rubric, you will be able to set new targets for them to aim toward.

Let me show you how to make IEP goals that truly demonstrate the student's ability much simpler and more accurately.

What are the objectives of writing skills?

Although the goal gets more specific and complex they are all still working off the same primary foundational skills. Each grade level objective list directly ties to the next grade level standard. This makes it particularly easy to write the same goal with the alternate objectives from 2-5th grades. There are not many things about special education iep goal writing that are easy so take this small win and run with it.