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Picturing Numbers: A Memory Match Game for Counting and Number Recognition

Welcome to "Counting with Pictures Memory Match," a fun and engaging game that helps students develop their counting skills and number recognition. By playing this game, students will become more confident in their ability to count and visually discriminate between different sets of objects, which are fundamental math skills. The game is easy to play and can be adjusted to challenge students of different levels. Let's get ready to match some pictures and sharpen our counting skills!

Academic Benefits:

Playing "Counting with Pictures Memory Match" can have several academic benefits for students, including:

Developing Counting Skills: By counting the objects on each card and matching pairs with the same number of objects, students develop their counting skills and number recognition.

Enhancing Visual Discrimination: In this game, students must visually discriminate between the different pictures and identify which cards match. This skill is essential for early literacy development as it helps students to distinguish between similar-looking letters and words.

Improving Memory: Memory is a crucial cognitive skill students can develop by playing memory match games. Students can enhance their memory retention abilities by remembering where each card is and matching pairs.

Strengthening Math Skills: Counting and number recognition are fundamental math skills that students can develop through playing this game. Additionally, the game can be extended to use picture cards with sets of 4-5 objects, which can challenge students to count and add larger numbers.

Overall, "Counting with Pictures Memory Match" is an excellent way to make counting and number recognition practice more fun and engaging for students. It promotes critical thinking, memory retention, and math skills, all of which are essential for academic success.

Game: Counting with Pictures Memory Match Grade Level: Preschool - Kindergarten

Materials: Picture cards with sets of 1-3 objects, a Container to hold the cards, a Whiteboard, and markers


  1. Shuffle the picture cards and place them face down in a grid pattern on a table or the floor.

  2. Divide students into pairs.

  3. Have each pair take turns flipping over two cards.

  4. If the cards show the same number of objects, the student keeps the pair and earns a point.

  5. If the cards do not match, the student turns them face down again and the next player takes a turn.

  6. Play continues until all pairs have been matched.

  7. The student with the most pairs at the end of the game wins.

  8. As an extension, have students add up their points and write their total on the whiteboard.

Variation: To make the game more challenging for advanced students, use picture cards with sets of 4-5 objects.

"Counting with Pictures Memory Match" is a fantastic game that can help students develop their counting skills and number recognition while having fun. By playing this game, students can strengthen their visual discrimination and memory retention abilities, which are essential for early literacy and math development. If you are interested in using this game in your classroom, check out the full lesson plan and other teaching resources in the Math Skills category. Click here to access these valuable resources and start enhancing your student's math skills and critical thinking abilities today!

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